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There's No Place Like Here: A mix about the long last days of summer, and about moving away and finding home again

Notes: I should really have leaned my lesson by now. I finished this mix weeks ago and had it all finished and ready to post but when I pressed the post button it all got lost in translation. Usually with longer posts, I always copy them just in case. Just. Ugh. But it is here now and still timely, I think. 

This mix holds a lot of feelings for me. Many of the songs are songs that remind me of my boyfriend and our long last summer together before we each go to separate colleges. They're about getting high and having fun, but also just about being in love. But they are also about what happens after summer is over, after we part ways (which, at this point, has already happened for me and him, but had not happened at the time I originally created this mix). It's about finding home again, too. Whether that this going back to your original home or making a home all your own with new people and new places even though you might miss the people you left behind.

This mix is 26 songs (long, I know), mostly mp3s with a couple mp4s. And it comes complete with a summery picspam, just because I believe it's such a worthy subject for a picspam.

Comments and downloads are greatly appreciated. :)

P.S. Is there any way to create zip files if you don't have a paid membership to these downloading sites? I'm a poor college student who loves zip files just as much as the next person. 

1. Echo Movement: Keep My Head High

When the world's got me stressed, agony of defeat
And I'm working so damn hard just to make ends meet
My soul is strolling down a one-way dead-end street
But I just gotta keep my head high

2. Jukebox The Ghost: Good Day

Suddenly we all got young
Running circles around ourselves just for fun
And oh how good it felt to be young and loved and feel it in our bones

Everybody here wants to know
Did everybody say what a good day that it was

3. John Mayer: Who Says

Who says I can’t get stoned?
Plan a trip to Japan alone
Doesn’t matter if I even go
Who says I can’t get stoned?

4. Josh Rouse: Summertime

Here comes the summertime, the feeling’s in the air.
I remember cigarettes, tube socks, sun burns and long blond hair.
Here comes the summertime, yeah it’s coming soon.
I remember living upstairs, drinking iced-tea and swimming pools.

And the feeling doesn’t last that long.
Before you know it, it’s up and gone, oh yeah.

5. Spoon: The Way We Get By

We get high in back seats of cars
We break into mobile homes
We go to sleep to shake appeal
Never wake up on our own

6. Aqualung: Brighter Than Sunshine

What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
Brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, i don't care
I'm yours and suddenly you're mine
Suddenly you're mine
And it's brighter than sunshine

7. Alexi Murdoch: The Ragged Sea

Somewhere on the mountain around the ragged sea
Where time is lying still
I'm falling up the hill
And the sky is pouring in

8. Seabear: Seashell

And then tonight I'll dive into your eyes
Will we feel like this for the rest of our lives?
Just a bird, tied to a stone
Do I really want the stone to be thrown?

9. The Decemberists: Summersong

Summer arrives with a length of lights
Summer blows away
And quietly gets swallowed by a wave
It gets swallowed by a wave

10. Jack Johnson: Times Like These

But somehow I know it won't be the same
Somehow I know it will never be the same.

11. Anberlin: Younglife

Hey lover, do you remember when
We would dance in your apartment
'Till neighbors would knock on your door?
And I remember, do you remember when
We had no money to speak of,
No where else to eat but your floor.
(I wanna do it again)

12. Cubworld:
Good Morning Love

When the sunshine hits your pretty face in the morning
I hug you love you kiss you good morning
This is the way I start my day just being with you
I love your sleepy eyes
You wake up with a smile
You tell me you love me, hug me, and kiss me good morning love!

13. Brothers At Sea: The Atlantic

The Atlantic opened her mouth
took us in and she won’t let us out
But I don’t mind, I’ll stay with you here

We drove the roads through the south
My eyes are red and my head is full of doubt
But I don’t mind, I’ll stay with you here

14. The Weepies: Happiness

Got a charger, no cell phone, I can't call out
Unless it's to cry your name out the open window
To a sky that looks right back
And says it's never seen rain
Sometimes you gotta start clean

15. The Mountain Goats: International Small Arms Traffic Blues

Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania
Trucks loaded down with weapons
Crossing over every night
Moon yellow and bright
There is a shortage in the blood supply
But there is no shortage of blood
The way I feel about you baby can't explain it
You got the best of my love

16. Dashboard Confessional: So Long Sweet Summer

Hey, thanks, thanks for that summer
It's cold where you're going
I hope that your hearts always warm

17. Matthew Perryman Jones & Katie Herzig: Where The Road Meets The Sun

Waiting for you by the Santa Maria
How long does thou stay with these letters from you
I don't know whether we'll end up together
But I always know that our love is true

And when it's done we will walk where the road meets the sun

18. Dan Mangan: Road Regrets

So I've gotten used to coffee sweats
Still getting used to road regrets
And hell I took you up on all your threats to leave

19. Tiger Army: Where The Moss Slowly Grows

And it's true that I miss you, but I'll see you again
I'll see you again

Embrace, destroy this pain
Don't miss this chance
It will not come again
You mean more than you may ever know
Don't linger where the moss slowly grows

20. Rascal Flatts: I’m Moving On

I've lived in this place and I know all the faces
Each one is different but they're always the same
They mean me no harm but it's time that I face it
They'll never allow me to change
But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong
I'm movin' on

(It should be noted that as a general rule I don't enjoy country music, but besides that and besides the fact that this song was introduced to me by a person I no longer consider a friend, its message still rings true with me.)

21. Augustana: Boston

I think I'll start a new life

I think I'll start it over where no one knows my name
I'll get out of California, I'm tired of the weather
I think I'll get a lover and fly ‘em out to Spain

I think I'll go to Boston
I think that I'm just tired

I think I need a new town to leave this all behind

22. Bonnie Somerville:
Winding Road

Well, the rain keeps on coming down
It feels like a flood in my head
And that road keeps on calling me
Screaming to everything lying ahead

23. Shane Mack: The Long Way Home

I took a long hard look
At the words in that book
I had to cast my last stone
And take the long way hom

24. Courrier: Running Right

I'm far from, I'm far from home
Leaning on the gale of the storm 

I'm facing, I'm facing fire
Fleeing from the pains of running right

25. City and Colour:
Coming Home

I've never been to Alaska, but I can tell you this,
I've been to Lincoln, Nebraska, and hell you know it ain't worth shit.
I've been through Nova Scotia, Sydney to Halifax
I'll never take any pictures cause I know I'll just be right back.

'cause I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home

26. Switchfoot: This is Home

This is home
Now I'm finally where I belong
Where I belong
Yeah, this is home
I've been searching for a place of my own
Now I've found it
Maybe this is home
This is home

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