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Halfway through writing this, I realized that I was writing it just as I would put together a news story. It's becoming dreadfully apparent that I spend far too much time in the newsroom. So let's try this again.

I got to see City and Colour last night! Words cannot express how amazing it was. I have been in love with this band since I was sixteen and I was really afraid that they'd be a disappointment, but they weren't. At all. In fact, they were the best band I've seen live. Ever. 

Highlights of the night: 
1. We got spots standing less than 10 feet from Dallas Green, the lead singer. 

2. A girl collapsed in front of the stage. Dallas came down off the stage, pushed everyone back so the girl would have room to breathe and then made sure she was sitting with a glass of water before he resumed singing. 

3. At one point, for one song, he asked that everyone put their cell phones and cameras away and just share a moment with everyone in the audience.

4. In between one of the songs, a girl yelled that he should look at her tattoo. It said "Fragile Bird," a reference to one of his songs. He said, "Oh, that's cool. Or maybe it isn't. What if I decided to put out a slow jazz record and you decided that you hated me? That would be awful." 

5. I got an awesome T-shirt for myself and another for my brother for Christmas. Which, I figured, was only fitting since he told me about the show in the first place. 

6. I thought they were ignoring the song "Coming Home" because it makes a reference to Lincoln, Neb., "and hell I know it ain't worth shit." But they sang it for the encore. (Dallas said they took so long coming out because he had to pee really bad. Haha.) "Have you every had a really bad day? Well, I had one once and now it's in a song forever." And then I had that awkward moment when I remember that I had written a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction based on that song and another one centered around "Sometimes (I Wish)".

More or less, all of this comes down to the fact that I love them even more now than I already did. Which, honestly, I didn't think was possible. 

Well, that's enough flailing for now. I'll just go back into hiding....


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