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tl;dr about college and boys. )

-Let me explain my new addiction to you: House Hunters. My roommate got me hooked on it one day and there's been no going back. Thankfully for me, there are about a billion episodes and about half the shows on HGTV are House Hunters. It's really bad. But it kind of allows me to escape for a little while. I mean, most of those people on the show have more money than I will ever have (because I have this thing where I fall for the kind of guys who will never make money: musicians, artists, journalists, etc., and I am going to be a journalist myself and we all make basically nothing), so it's kind of depressing, but  a nice fantasy at the same time. 

-Finally, I need to flail about American Idol a little bit right now. I came into this season without high expectations. But I have been pleasantly surprised. Although my favorites were eliminated in the Top 24, I feel really, really attached to the people who are still around, especially, it seems, Casey and Stefano. Tonight, I swear i was going to die. I literally busted out into tears because of this: Link to YouTube because LJ hates me and won't properly embed.

I swear I haven't cried because of American Idol since Kris and Adam and the head kisses and the nailpainting. But this. This. Just, Jesus. Casey's reaction is so heartwrenching and sincere. I didn't even mean to cry. It just happened. I am so happy he is saved. And so happy that he'll be on tour.

And then, of course, this happened:

Stefano and James. Although I'm not the biggest fan of James, these two are absolutely adorable together - they have the best bromance, seriously. There's another adorable gif of them here and also "wrestling" here.

But also. Not to totally fail at fangirling (because nothing will ever, ever top Kradam), but doesn't the above gif kind of remind you of this? I mean, there's even the same height difference. Haha. 

The tl;dr of the above section? Danny loves American Idol. <3

Well shit

Feb. 1st, 2011 10:34 pm
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Why did I get into journalism again? :/
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To read:
1. Harry Potter
2. The Chronicles of Narnia
3. The Lord of the Rings

I'm living in a rather fandom-y place right now, so here's a bit of flailing.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to reread all the Harry Potter books. So I bought the few I was missing (which, ugh, now I have some paperback and some hardcover, this is upsetting) and began. As a kind of personal project of mine, every time I finish one of the books, I'm going to recap my favorite parts. Keep in mind, I pretty much love everything, so these are my favorites of all. 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Danny's observations on the book that started the great adventure,  )

Other HP fandom-y stuff:
I ran across this quote on tumblr today. I really love it (probably because I'm on a Draco/Tom kick, but whatevs). 

If the question is whether Draco would have committed the murder, my answer is no. I don’t think he would. He had lowered his wand. He was prepared to come over to Dumbledore’s side. I hope you see that there’s some of that same feeling in Book Seven, when he does try to protect Harry. But he’s in too deep. Like a lot of characters, he’s not a hero. There’s a real moral cowardice to Draco. But is he wholly bad? Absolutely not. - J.K. Rowling

Danny's very short review of The Dawn Treader lies herein. Plus, there are very pretty picture. Very slight spoilers. )
-In completely random, real life news, I have three of eight college apps finished. 
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-I swear to God I was trying to be productive and do homework. Unfortunately, the college website is down and so is Blackboard, so I cannot do homework. Fail, life. Really.

-Went out shopping with my mother today. I got pretty boots and a peacoat --and a queen-sized bed and frame. It cost me $400, but it was totally worth it. It's huge and pretty and it's a pillowtop. (KJ, when we move in together, maybe we can just share? XD It's big enough...) I also bought some other stuff for the apartment. I am SO excited now. No joke. :D 

-Currently, I am in my favorite little coffee shop. It's super pretty and decorated for Christmas. And I have a peppermint mocha in hand. Talk about perfect, really.

-Speaking of perfect, [livejournal.com profile] everything_inme posted this beautiful Grease dream cast, featuring Darren Criss as Danny Zuko and Kristen Bell as Sandy. It also includes Elijah Wood, Dianna Argon, Zac Efron, Logan Lerman, Kevin McHale, Emma Stone and many others. It's amazing. 

-Anway, I think I should attempt homework again... Goodbye, my lovlies. <3
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It gets better.

I'm going to be a bit of an attention whore right now. But. Holy shit. With everything that's been happening lately with the boys who committed suicide, I just can't help but be moved to tears all the fucking time. So, this week, I wrote my editorial on the matter, namely the "It Gets Better" project. 

My words below the cut. )

I took this video from [info]alwayseven 's journal. It brought me to tears. But it's so, so powerful.

This video was posted on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai  yesterday. It's the video mentioned in my editorial above.
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If any of you were ever interested in knowing me, here's all you ever need to know.

Also, college dorms are the best things evar.


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