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It's been awhile since I've done an impromptu picspam of pretty. This time, because I'm lame and cannot stop thinking about it, the theme is travel and adventure. Enjoy. <3

Also I'm part of this literary arts magazine for school. I was kind of thinking about retooling and submitting my Wanderlust story. That's probably a really stupid idea, but I'm rather fond of it and... Yeah. Haha. 
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Justin: It’s more than that. It’s where we made love for the first time.
Brian: That wasn’t love. I just gave you a rim job and fucked your brains out.
Justin: It was love to me.

I desperately need to find some place to watch the American version of Queer as Folk online before I do something stupid like spend $114 on amazon for the series box set. 

Or. Oh wait. I found it for $75 here.

Someone please save my bank account. 
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I'd really, really like to do a 30 day meme but I can't decide between this one (I think this must be the general 30 day meme), the fanfic meme (this one would be fun since I have about a billion fics I'd like to rec), the book meme (again, I have about a billion books I think everyone should read), or the ship meme (just because this looks like a ton of fun).

So. Hmmm. Which one? Or all of them? At the same time? lol. I need your help and Kris wants to know. 


There's also the music meme. D: So many choices.


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