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It gets to be about this time of year and I always feel somewhat nostalgic, no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing. More than anything, though, I always, always long for Oregon right about now. I long for the coast and the ocean and the simpleness of it all. Last time we went there, our jam was Picturesque by Chase Coy and to this day it is one of my favorite CDs (which is funny, because I totally bought it on a whim). It's really chill and it talks about getting away and being in love. Every time I listen to it, I think of the ocean. And just, God, it's wonderful. You should all go out and listen to it. 

Also, I thought I'd share the latest fic worthy of my "ftw" tag on Delicious. Mapmaker, mapmaker, make me a map [AU. PG-13. 18,475 words] by [livejournal.com profile] pidgeoned . Summary: Jesse and Andrew meet online and hit it off. Then they decide to meet in real life. BasicallyAndrew writes poetry. Jesse draws. Together, they are lovely. There are so many feelings and Jesse is kind of ridiculous. But. God. I love this fic. 

Oh, also. I finally got my weight down to the 150s. I did a ginormous happy dance after I stepped on the scale. :D 
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I want to live a simple life. 

I want to live near the ocean and work at a small, local paper. I have no desire to be a huge, well-known reporter, no desire to win the Pulitzer Prize, no desire to work for the New York Times and write on court cases and government every day. 

I want to live in a small community where life is slow and everyone knows everyone else. I want to write feature stories on the locals and have them like me as a human being. 

Eventually, I want to have children and actually have time for them. I want to drive them to school in the morning or make them sack lunches and urge them out the door so they won't be late for class.

I want to be out on the beach when the thunder starts rolling in, when the clouds go dark and the world turns into this crazy beautiful place.

I want to be friends with musicians and hipsters and hippies and go to the local farmer's market ever week in the summer and then sing around a campfire at night.

I want to wander into the local bookstore every day and just take it all in, breathe in every scent and every emotion. And then I'd wander down to the coffee shop and sip my mocha in the ocean air.

I want to be able to go down to the ocean every day and dip my feet in the sand and the water even when it's freezing cold. I want to be able to smoke as much as I want and not have to think about what my mother might think of me.

That would be the life for me. 


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