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In the Library by Dorothea Grossman
The library always smells like this:
an ancient stew of vinegar and wood.
It’s autumn again,
and I can do anything.

Notes: This mix/picspam has kind of been a long time in the making. I started collecting the pictures last year, but by the time I had everything  I wanted it was already winter and so I had to hold out another year. And I have so many more pictures than what are shown here. Here is is, though, 20 songs and a collection of pictures of autumn leaves, pumpkins, coffee, books an more - all things that remind me of autumn, my favorite season of the year. 

I spent the last few hours piecing this all together instead of studying for my Spanish test at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Enjoy. Comments are <3

Are we there yet? )

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There's No Place Like Here: A mix about the long last days of summer, and about moving away and finding home again

Notes: I should really have leaned my lesson by now. I finished this mix weeks ago and had it all finished and ready to post but when I pressed the post button it all got lost in translation. Usually with longer posts, I always copy them just in case. Just. Ugh. But it is here now and still timely, I think. 

This mix holds a lot of feelings for me. Many of the songs are songs that remind me of my boyfriend and our long last summer together before we each go to separate colleges. They're about getting high and having fun, but also just about being in love. But they are also about what happens after summer is over, after we part ways (which, at this point, has already happened for me and him, but had not happened at the time I originally created this mix). It's about finding home again, too. Whether that this going back to your original home or making a home all your own with new people and new places even though you might miss the people you left behind.

This mix is 26 songs (long, I know), mostly mp3s with a couple mp4s. And it comes complete with a summery picspam, just because I believe it's such a worthy subject for a picspam.

Comments and downloads are greatly appreciated. :)

P.S. Is there any way to create zip files if you don't have a paid membership to these downloading sites? I'm a poor college student who loves zip files just as much as the next person. 

Do you remember when we would dance in your apartment? )

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Ships on the Ocean Floor: A mix about growing up and missing the sea (or a coastal road trip mix)

Notes: I live in a sadly landlocked state. Even before I saw the ocean for the first time, I had this immense longing for it. When I first saw that wide open blue, I knew I was in love. Every year about this time (spring to summer), I get really homesick for the sea. I go into these really melancholy moods where all I can think about is how I want to see the sea. This mix is more or less a love note from me to the sea.

The songs on this mix aren’t all necessarily about the ocean. The ones that aren’t are just songs that make me think of the sea because of the feel: the lyrics, the music, the beats, etc. It’s a lot of acoustic/indie/melancholy music.

This is the first time I’ve used Mediafire. Let me know if anything doesn’t work. There are two mp4 files. The rest are all mp3s. 22 tracks. Comments are love. <3

A note to my friends: This isn’t necessarily me coming back completely, but it is perhaps the start of me coming back.

From my own true love lost at sea )
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I want to live a simple life. 

I want to live near the ocean and work at a small, local paper. I have no desire to be a huge, well-known reporter, no desire to win the Pulitzer Prize, no desire to work for the New York Times and write on court cases and government every day. 

I want to live in a small community where life is slow and everyone knows everyone else. I want to write feature stories on the locals and have them like me as a human being. 

Eventually, I want to have children and actually have time for them. I want to drive them to school in the morning or make them sack lunches and urge them out the door so they won't be late for class.

I want to be out on the beach when the thunder starts rolling in, when the clouds go dark and the world turns into this crazy beautiful place.

I want to be friends with musicians and hipsters and hippies and go to the local farmer's market ever week in the summer and then sing around a campfire at night.

I want to wander into the local bookstore every day and just take it all in, breathe in every scent and every emotion. And then I'd wander down to the coffee shop and sip my mocha in the ocean air.

I want to be able to go down to the ocean every day and dip my feet in the sand and the water even when it's freezing cold. I want to be able to smoke as much as I want and not have to think about what my mother might think of me.

That would be the life for me. 

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A few days ago, Mark taught me how to play downloaded movies on my computer - and this was the first on my list. Needless to say, I am in love. I have to admit to rather brainlessly liking movies. I'm not much of a critic and it honestly takes a lot for me to hate a movie - but at the same time it takes a lot for a movie to truly move me and this did just that.

I thought I'd be a little freaked out by the premise, but this worked for me. And even though it was kind of scary, I was mostly just feeling the same fear that the characters were feeling.

Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan (and even Keira Knightley, who I usually greatly dislike) were fantastic. Just. Holy shit. I sobbed, ngl. This isn't a movie I am going to forget any time in the near future.

I also may have ordered the book off amazon about two minutes ago. 

Because this movie made me feel things and kind of got me motivated, here's a picspam of some of the most beautiful and moving film scenes ever.

Sorry about my lack of posting and commenting lately. Real life has been sort of a blur lately and I haven't spent much time on the internet. I love you all. <3
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These last few days, I've finally gotten round to organizing my computer. And I found a bunch of pictures with a similar theme: pretty places to sleep and/or take a nap. I've appropriately titled the folder "Places to lay my head" and now I'm sharing it. 

Tomorrow is newspaper day, so I probably won't be around at all. I love you guys. <3

Oh. There are A LOT of pictures. FYI.

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I feel like I'm losing people, a lot of people. I don;t know if it's a me thing or if it's just people moving on. But it hurts and I want it to stop. So. Because I'm feeling down, I put together a little picspam. Today's theme? Girls with pretty hair as (mostly) seen from behind.

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So I got the chance to get out of town last night. It was a short trip (less than 24 hours), but very much worth it. My parents won a weekend in a cabin in this tiny town only about an hour from where I am. It's this sleepy little tourist town and there was still snow on the ground. It was beautiful. We got to have pizza and then we went out to the hot tub. We spent a long time out there and my mom and I got this brilliant idea to go roll around in the snow. It was awesome. After we got out, I got to sleep up in the loft of this little cabin. The wind was howling and the power went  out and - I don't know. It was perfect, really, and I slept like the dead. I woke up this morning to the smell of coffee and cooking sausage. So. Yeah. Best little weekend getaway ever, I think.

On my way back, I decided to stop at Wal-Mart. I bought myself a rose and bought a couple people valentines, including a package of little valentines that I'm going to give to a lot of people. (My favorite one says "You're pandatastic." :D) Also, after much deliberation, I got Mark a card and some Reese's. The card is just a picture of Snoopy and Woodstock in their motorcycle and sidecar. It says, "Happy Valentine's Day from your favorite sidekick." And yeah. 

So. In honor of the fact that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I'm picspamming love. I would do it tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'll have time. Enjoy. <3

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It's been awhile since I've done an impromptu picspam of pretty. This time, because I'm lame and cannot stop thinking about it, the theme is travel and adventure. Enjoy. <3

Also I'm part of this literary arts magazine for school. I was kind of thinking about retooling and submitting my Wanderlust story. That's probably a really stupid idea, but I'm rather fond of it and... Yeah. Haha. 
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I just finished watching this movie. I'd bought it a couple months ago, but I never made time to watch it. Tonight, Logan left me alone again and I just needed something to kill some time. And, shit, I'm in love with this. Seriously. If you haven't seen this movie yet, please do. The acting is spot-on. It tugs at all the right heartstrings. On top of that, the soundtrack is amazing. I could listen to Alexi Murdoch all day. 

So, here, because I'm feeling so much love for this movie, have a little picspam of pretty.

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Time for a random post of happiness, for spreading joy just for the hell of it. Here: let me lure you in with the cutest baby panda on the face of the planet.


Random post is random. Herein lies happiness.  )

 LOL I think all this means that happiness = fluffiness, gay boys, Harry Potter, and pandas. It all makes sense now.
Have a good day, all. :)
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While I was packing up my room last night (it's so lonely right now, there's nothing in it) I watched the Half-Blood Prince (and found and icon of one of my favorite Harry moments!) and was newly reminded of how much I love Tom Felton. While I've never been much of a fan of movie!Draco (he's too whiney), I loved book!Draco. And, well, Tom is wonderful. And pretty. So then while I was on tumblr later (I'm really trying not be be addicted), I saw that someone (I'm actually quite certain it was [livejournal.com profile] cayskank  ) posted this loveliness. I swear I'm not going to start shipping Tom/Dan. XD


So I then proceeded to internet stalk him and found out that he sings. Like, really sings. It's wonderful. I totally wasn't expecting it. 

Lots more pretty, pretty Tom Felton behind the cut. Including singing! )
Ok. Back to work, methinks.
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This photo is a little late, but it's just so lovely. And yeah. I feel like it's the end of something. 

I saw Tangled last night with Logan. It was totally fantastic, far exceeding my expectations. Rapunzel is so cute. And Eugene. <3 Ugh. I want to roll around in that movie forever. It's such a pretty movie. The colors. <3 So here. have a mini picspam: 

Haha. I feel like all my posts lately have been random and pointless. Oh well. XD
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First snow of the season is going on right now outside. It's seriously coming down in snowballs. Nothing to lift my spirits quite like a first snow, hot cocoa and Glee Christmas music. (Oh man, I'm SO going to be jamming to Baby, It's Cold Outside even in the summer.) So, in honor of that, here's a quick little picspam of winter. Enjoy. <3
It's a winter wonderland. )


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