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 Christmas  bear
He spends a month trapped in a box
hidden in the tippy top of a closet.

When his moment finally comes,
the boy is more interested in his new train set.
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Guys not to fall for:

never fall for the ones with the sky blue eyes
and the converse shoes.
or the ones with a guitar in their hands
and a song on their lips. 
be wary of the fickle ones,
who are hot and cold but never just right.
watch out for the ones who say, "you're beautiful."
trust me: they never mean it.
never fall for the free spirits,
whose hearts are taken by ideas and wishes.
or the ones with the big hands
and the long limbs.
or the baristas with the warm coffee eyes
and the sparkling personalities.
be careful of the ones who wield a paintbrush
and color-speckled cheekbones.

do yourself a favor
and never fall at all.
(they're all liars.)

I miss actually being able to write. I think I'm going to start writing in my notebook again. For me. 
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let’s get up and leave for california. one night and we’ll be gone. no one knows us there. no one cares. let’s disappear for awhile, baby. just you and me. we’ll toss our cell phones in the ocean and watch them float away; we’ll pretend like this is a beginning.


they say that san francisco is beautiful in october, honey. let’s go there. we’ll buy an array of scarves , wrap them around our necks and dance our way through downtown, amongst the metal giants and unaware people.


let’s find an apartment somewhere, darling. let’s make it ours and ours alone. every morning we’ll wake up in each other’s arms and we’ll say, just one more hour, one more day, one more month, and we’ll go home.


but then the sun will shine just right on your hair, the arch of your body where neck meets collarbone meets love-mark, and i’ll know.


there’s no going back.


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