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Found this on tumblr and decided it was worth posting because, ugh, boys, why??? That's so weird and it makes me feel awkward and kind of bad. Sometimes it makes me want to go back to girls. But then again, that doesn't really work for me either. And besides. Maaaaark. :D

I don't even know.

As a side note, I really need some junk food. Like. Really badly. But. I'm in a town that I don't really know and I'm comfortable now. But. Ice cream. Or chocolate. Or even better: chocolate ice cream.

I would comment on Glee kisses, but I think it might be like beating a dead horse already. So. <3 I have to say, though, that I finally watched "Sexy" all the way through last night. And Santana totally made me cry. Just. Jesus. 

/Pointless post is pointless.
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Time for a random post of happiness, for spreading joy just for the hell of it. Here: let me lure you in with the cutest baby panda on the face of the planet.


Random post is random. Herein lies happiness.  )

 LOL I think all this means that happiness = fluffiness, gay boys, Harry Potter, and pandas. It all makes sense now.
Have a good day, all. :)
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First snow of the season is going on right now outside. It's seriously coming down in snowballs. Nothing to lift my spirits quite like a first snow, hot cocoa and Glee Christmas music. (Oh man, I'm SO going to be jamming to Baby, It's Cold Outside even in the summer.) So, in honor of that, here's a quick little picspam of winter. Enjoy. <3
It's a winter wonderland. )
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So, [livejournal.com profile] ontd_ai  is amazing. And in the off-topic post today, people kept posting download links to awesome gay movies. So I'm putting them here for myself, so I can find them when I figure out what kind of software I need to watch movies on Kelvin (my cute little Mac), and so that I can share the amazingness that is gay movies.

So. Here goes:

-Brokeback Mountain. (Which, I know everyone has seen. But still.)

-But I'm A Cheerleader.

-Big Gay Musical.

-Make The Yuletide Gay.

-Latter Days.

I still have the download link for Shelter if anyone missed it the first time.

Oh, and the complete soundtrack for Glee.


Sorry for the huge gif. But Kradam. <3
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This is entirely [livejournal.com profile] underdelusions  fault. She decided that I have impeccable taste in fic and that she needed it her life. So. Here were go. 

Multi-fandom rec list, although, I have to say right up front, there's a lot of Kris/Adam.

Here's the link to my delicious, in case this isn't enough to keep you occupied forever. 

* = The best of the best. My favorites of all my favorites. The ones you really, really, really should read. 

Also, please let me know if any of the links don't work and I'll be happy to fix them. 

AND. I'm not going to flock this, so if you want to share it with people, you can. 

A pretty epic list under the cut. Includes recs from American Idol, Glee, Wizards of Waverly Place, As The World Turns, Olympic Slash and Jonas Brothers. )

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