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Dear Tammy,

I knew I'd found my asexual soulmate when I made a tumblr reference and you got it immediately. 

Love forever, 

Also, if anyone is up for a good cry, you should watch this video. 

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More nostalgia. I stumbled upon this video and, God. I think if there ever were a perfect ship, this would be it. I really need to find myself some more amazing Kradam fic to roll around in.
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Hello, everyone. <3 I love you guys, so I'm leaving this with you. Because. Oh gosh. <3
And. I'm sleepy. So. Good night.
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Taken from EVERYONE. Ugh. But this is mostly for Jenny and Nikki.

What's in a meme? )


Things you should know before you watch this:
1. It's right before bed. I look terrible.
2. Apparently I'm retarded, because this got really off, like the video and the audio but I don't have the energy to change it. So. Listen to it without looking at it?
3. How did I get conned into doing this again?
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I think it's time for an LOL post. How about you? Let me use adorable mini!Harry to lure you in.

Click for for the lulz, including invading alpacas. )

I hope you all have a great day. <3
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I spent the first four hours of the new year watching Harry/Hermione videos because I couldn't sleep. It wasn't a bad start to the new year, if I do say so myself. 

This particular video that I ran across might be my new favorite youtube video. I've watched it more times than is healthy, probably. <3 It also helps that the song is beautiful and perfect. 

What the hell is wrong with me? I've never shipped H/Hr before...

Also. Happy New Year. <3
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Time for a random post of happiness, for spreading joy just for the hell of it. Here: let me lure you in with the cutest baby panda on the face of the planet.


Random post is random. Herein lies happiness.  )

 LOL I think all this means that happiness = fluffiness, gay boys, Harry Potter, and pandas. It all makes sense now.
Have a good day, all. :)
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While I was packing up my room last night (it's so lonely right now, there's nothing in it) I watched the Half-Blood Prince (and found and icon of one of my favorite Harry moments!) and was newly reminded of how much I love Tom Felton. While I've never been much of a fan of movie!Draco (he's too whiney), I loved book!Draco. And, well, Tom is wonderful. And pretty. So then while I was on tumblr later (I'm really trying not be be addicted), I saw that someone (I'm actually quite certain it was [livejournal.com profile] cayskank  ) posted this loveliness. I swear I'm not going to start shipping Tom/Dan. XD


So I then proceeded to internet stalk him and found out that he sings. Like, really sings. It's wonderful. I totally wasn't expecting it. 

Lots more pretty, pretty Tom Felton behind the cut. Including singing! )
Ok. Back to work, methinks.
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Ok, so, I'll admit. This is another rather pointless post. But. There were more pretty gay kisses on my television tonight and I just kind of had to add the pretty to my page. :D

Ian does this totally cute thing where he chews on his bottom lip. It kills me every time. XD
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Nothing, really to see here, folks. I just wanted to show you guys these two adorable boys who have a band in my hometown called "The Forestry." They are totally adorbs and the guy who sings is amazing.

So yes. XD That is all.


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