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My journal is now friends only. My entries that only have to do with fandom are open to the public. All other entries (my real life entries) are friends only. But I'd love to get to know you and I'd love for you to get to know me. 
Mostly just because I don't really want this to be like Facebook and have all my real life friends look at it. It's complicated.
Please comment to add. There's about 99% chance that I'll add you back.

Melancholic. Hopeless romantic. Lover. Dreamer. Pandas. Lover of non-canon ships. Journalist. Poor. Harry Potter addict. Pretty things. Pandacorns. Gay boys. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Writer. Photographer. 

My major fandoms:
American Idol, Harry Potter, Glee, Inception, 90210, Avatar: The Last Airbender, As The World Turns, and a lot of random others.

My major ships: 
Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Harry/Snape, Neville/Luna, Sirius/Remus, Draco/Hermione; American Idol: Kris/Adam, Cook/Archie; Glee: Kurt/Finn, (sort of) Kurt/Blaine, Brittany/Santana, Puck/Rachel; Inception: Eames/Arthur; 90210: Teddy/Ian; ATWT: Luke/Reid; ATLA: Zuko/Katara

Tumblr: I most just use this to reblog pretty HP graphics. But, you know. :) 
 FFN: I rarely use this anymore, but if anyone's interested in reading my old fic, it's all over there.
weheartit: I save a lot of random stuff. If anyone wants to follow me, you're more than welcome. :) 

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I know I'm a little late on the uptake, but I decided to read the Hunger Games trilogy over break. (God knows I got nothing else done.) Now that I'm finished, I'm going to rant a little bit. (And I'll put it under a cut just in case there's someone who hasn't read it yet and I spoil it.)

Hunger Games, why do you do this to me? )

That being said, if anyone knows of any good Hunger Games fanfiction, I'd love to get my hands on it.
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Just found out about Virginia Tech. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

If you want updated news, @CollegiateTimes, the VT newspaper, is updating their Twitter constantly. My newspaper @DailyNeb is updating, too.
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 Christmas  bear
He spends a month trapped in a box
hidden in the tippy top of a closet.

When his moment finally comes,
the boy is more interested in his new train set.
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Do I still have friends on here? Friends who would read my random ramblings? Or have I abandoned my journal for so long that there's no one left? :(
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Halfway through writing this, I realized that I was writing it just as I would put together a news story. It's becoming dreadfully apparent that I spend far too much time in the newsroom. So let's try this again.

I got to see City and Colour last night! Words cannot express how amazing it was. I have been in love with this band since I was sixteen and I was really afraid that they'd be a disappointment, but they weren't. At all. In fact, they were the best band I've seen live. Ever. 

Flailing below the cut )

More or less, all of this comes down to the fact that I love them even more now than I already did. Which, honestly, I didn't think was possible. 

Well, that's enough flailing for now. I'll just go back into hiding....

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There are probably a billion Steve Jobs post out there, but I feel like I have something to say about the man, too.

The Associated Press wrote this fantastic obituary that brought me to tears as I was waiting for the bus this morning. The thing about Steve Jobs, at least for me, is that, yeah, he was the CEO of this huge company, but he still seemed like an amazing, compassionate human being. He was real. And he changed the world. 

I stop to think about where the world would be today if it weren't for him. Even if you don't own a Mac or use an iPod or own an iPhone, just think about how much he changed technology. If it weren't for him constantly innovating, PCs probably wouldn't be as advanced as they are because they wouldn't have Macs to keep up with. Jobs kept technology moving forward - no matter how you cut it.

I am unbelievably sad he's gone. I didn't know the man. I never met him. But I feel a connection to him every time I open my laptop or fiddle with my phone.

RIP Steve Jobs. The world will miss you. 
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Dear Tammy,

I knew I'd found my asexual soulmate when I made a tumblr reference and you got it immediately. 

Love forever, 

Also, if anyone is up for a good cry, you should watch this video. 

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“I used to feel so alone in the city. All those gazillions of people and then me, on the outside. Because how do you meet a new person? I was very stunned by this for many years. And then i realized, you just say, "Hi." They may ignore you. Or you may marry them. And that possibility is worth that one word.”
--Augusten Burroughs

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In the Library by Dorothea Grossman
The library always smells like this:
an ancient stew of vinegar and wood.
It’s autumn again,
and I can do anything.

Notes: This mix/picspam has kind of been a long time in the making. I started collecting the pictures last year, but by the time I had everything  I wanted it was already winter and so I had to hold out another year. And I have so many more pictures than what are shown here. Here is is, though, 20 songs and a collection of pictures of autumn leaves, pumpkins, coffee, books an more - all things that remind me of autumn, my favorite season of the year. 

I spent the last few hours piecing this all together instead of studying for my Spanish test at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Enjoy. Comments are <3

Are we there yet? )

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My BFF Jenny and I finally got our Pottermore emails! YAY! I'm so terrified for sorting. Anyone have any advice? Feel free to add me: UnicornFrog152. :) 

ETA: No need to panic. I got Gryffindor. 
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The local newspaper here published a 9/11 memoir I wrote in both the newspaper and online. I feel really, really happy. It's the first thing I've ever had published in a professional newspaper. If anyone is interested, here's the link.
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There's No Place Like Here: A mix about the long last days of summer, and about moving away and finding home again

Notes: I should really have leaned my lesson by now. I finished this mix weeks ago and had it all finished and ready to post but when I pressed the post button it all got lost in translation. Usually with longer posts, I always copy them just in case. Just. Ugh. But it is here now and still timely, I think. 

This mix holds a lot of feelings for me. Many of the songs are songs that remind me of my boyfriend and our long last summer together before we each go to separate colleges. They're about getting high and having fun, but also just about being in love. But they are also about what happens after summer is over, after we part ways (which, at this point, has already happened for me and him, but had not happened at the time I originally created this mix). It's about finding home again, too. Whether that this going back to your original home or making a home all your own with new people and new places even though you might miss the people you left behind.

This mix is 26 songs (long, I know), mostly mp3s with a couple mp4s. And it comes complete with a summery picspam, just because I believe it's such a worthy subject for a picspam.

Comments and downloads are greatly appreciated. :)

P.S. Is there any way to create zip files if you don't have a paid membership to these downloading sites? I'm a poor college student who loves zip files just as much as the next person. 

Do you remember when we would dance in your apartment? )

Oh yes?

Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:09 am
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I love how I check my tumblr for the first time in weeks and literally the ONLY thing on my dash are people exploding about Pottermore. So random. So much bonding. I don't know how I feel about this.

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Ships on the Ocean Floor: A mix about growing up and missing the sea (or a coastal road trip mix)

Notes: I live in a sadly landlocked state. Even before I saw the ocean for the first time, I had this immense longing for it. When I first saw that wide open blue, I knew I was in love. Every year about this time (spring to summer), I get really homesick for the sea. I go into these really melancholy moods where all I can think about is how I want to see the sea. This mix is more or less a love note from me to the sea.

The songs on this mix aren’t all necessarily about the ocean. The ones that aren’t are just songs that make me think of the sea because of the feel: the lyrics, the music, the beats, etc. It’s a lot of acoustic/indie/melancholy music.

This is the first time I’ve used Mediafire. Let me know if anything doesn’t work. There are two mp4 files. The rest are all mp3s. 22 tracks. Comments are love. <3

A note to my friends: This isn’t necessarily me coming back completely, but it is perhaps the start of me coming back.

From my own true love lost at sea )
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I have officially decided to take a break from LJ for an indefinite amount of time. Knowing me, it'll probably last two days but I'm hoping it will be for longer. I've come to the realization that I've grown too attached to this place, come to rely on it too much as a way to get my emotions out there when really I should probably keep those things to myself. The world doesn't need to know. And then when KJ... left it really hurt and again I realized just how codependent I've become to this place.

As a way to try to get away from that, I started writing in my personal journal again, writing real life things like I've been writing on here for the last couple months - and it feels good. 

But I also need to do this for other reasons. I have a boyfriend who I love and with whom I only have a couple months left before we go off to separate universities and I want to be able to spend as much time with him as possible. I will also hopefully be working a lot to save up money for school next fall. (I just got back from registering for classes and I really, really feel like University of Nebraska is the best choice I could have made. It's so exciting.)

On top of that, I finally got my iPhone, which is totally amazing. And it really has all the internet I need on it, along with a lot of other stuff. So I'm really hoping to be spending as little time physically on my computer as possible.

Even though I will be leaving for awhile, though, if any of you ever need anything or want to talk, a lot of you have my phone number or the best e-mail to reach me at is lightcatastrophe@gmail.com.

I love you guys a lot - and I WILL be back. Stay in touch.

Only love

May. 2nd, 2011 09:19 pm
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I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that
-Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love, 1963
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It gets to be about this time of year and I always feel somewhat nostalgic, no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing. More than anything, though, I always, always long for Oregon right about now. I long for the coast and the ocean and the simpleness of it all. Last time we went there, our jam was Picturesque by Chase Coy and to this day it is one of my favorite CDs (which is funny, because I totally bought it on a whim). It's really chill and it talks about getting away and being in love. Every time I listen to it, I think of the ocean. And just, God, it's wonderful. You should all go out and listen to it. 

Also, I thought I'd share the latest fic worthy of my "ftw" tag on Delicious. Mapmaker, mapmaker, make me a map [AU. PG-13. 18,475 words] by [livejournal.com profile] pidgeoned . Summary: Jesse and Andrew meet online and hit it off. Then they decide to meet in real life. BasicallyAndrew writes poetry. Jesse draws. Together, they are lovely. There are so many feelings and Jesse is kind of ridiculous. But. God. I love this fic. 

Oh, also. I finally got my weight down to the 150s. I did a ginormous happy dance after I stepped on the scale. :D 
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I want to live a simple life. 

I want to live near the ocean and work at a small, local paper. I have no desire to be a huge, well-known reporter, no desire to win the Pulitzer Prize, no desire to work for the New York Times and write on court cases and government every day. 

I want to live in a small community where life is slow and everyone knows everyone else. I want to write feature stories on the locals and have them like me as a human being. 

Eventually, I want to have children and actually have time for them. I want to drive them to school in the morning or make them sack lunches and urge them out the door so they won't be late for class.

I want to be out on the beach when the thunder starts rolling in, when the clouds go dark and the world turns into this crazy beautiful place.

I want to be friends with musicians and hipsters and hippies and go to the local farmer's market ever week in the summer and then sing around a campfire at night.

I want to wander into the local bookstore every day and just take it all in, breathe in every scent and every emotion. And then I'd wander down to the coffee shop and sip my mocha in the ocean air.

I want to be able to go down to the ocean every day and dip my feet in the sand and the water even when it's freezing cold. I want to be able to smoke as much as I want and not have to think about what my mother might think of me.

That would be the life for me. 

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I love you guys and miss you. I'll be back tomorrow. Newspaper night. :( Have a random gif. <3


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